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Become an LYSA volunteer!

Why? Because we can't survive without you.  LYSA is an all-volunteer organization - the fees we charge pay strictly for equipment, field-use fees, accident insurance, etc.  No coaches, refs, administrators, or anyone else in LYSA receive any salary or payments for their time.  

Organizing a soccer program for over 700 kids is an enormous undertaking made possible only through the dedicated efforts of people like you.  All households with a child in the program are asked to provide one volunteer.  Volunteers without a child in the program are also welcome.

How much time is required? We have jobs to suit all schedules and talents. Time commitment can be as little as a few hours on one day; some jobs can even be done at home.  You tell us how much time you have available and what some of your talents are and we will match you with the perfect way to help LYSA.

How do I sign up? When you register your player(s), you may volunteer on our registration site HERE.  You may also contact our league commissioner HERE.

Listed below are brief descriptions of some of the volunteer positions regularly available:

Coach Time commitment: ~50 hrs/yr. A coach participates on game days, holds team practices, teaches game fundamentals to the players, and helps players develop good sportsmanship. Attends fall division meeting, spring coach meeting, coach training, and weekly practices and games. You don't need to have played soccer or know much about it in order to coach. Particularly at the lower levels, many coaches learn the game along with their kids.

Assistant Coach Time commitment: 2-3 hrs/wk during season. The assistant coach assists the coach at practices and games and stands in for the coach when necessary. Attends coach training, fall division meeting, spring coach meeting, and weekly practices and games.

Referee Time commitment: 1-3 hours on game day. The referee arbitrates games, helping players understand why an infraction or penalty is called. At younger levels, referees may show the proper way to do throw-ins, corner kicks, and goal kicks, etc. Attends referee training and one annual referee meeting.

Youth Referee Same duties as referee. Youth referees are players or youth age 12 and up. Can use this experience to meet school community service requirements.

Team Parent Time commitment: 1½ hrs/wk during season. The team parent coordinates the snack schedule and otherwise assists the coach and assistant coach, e.g., picking up trophies or picture orders, etc.

Division Administrator Time commitment: ~60 hrs/yr. The division administrator is the board liaison to the coaches, is involved in the team balancing and team formation process; assigns and oversees coaches; organizes the fall division meeting; works with coaches on uniforms, training, game schedules, and other division tasks as necessary. Attends staff training (1x), monthly board meeting, spring coach meeting, annual section meeting.

Field Management Time commitment: 3+ hours each season. Help plan field layout in late summer; stripe fields before season begins; refresh lines in early AM on game days.

Registration Time commitment: 3-4 hours in April, May or June. Tasks include:

Planning/preparation. Help prepare for annual registration, including making signs; preparing handouts; purchasing supplies, materials, and equipment; distributing publicity; and recruiting or coordinating volunteers.

Registration Day. Assist at annual registration, late registration or wait list registration, e.g., greet parents, distribute forms, check information, process fees, sort and organize forms.

Post-registration work. Assist with follow ups as needed; prepare forms for database entry; manage records.

Special Events Volunteers assist with:

Photo Day. Time commitment: Two Saturday mornings at the field, Photo Day plus prior week. Make sure information about Photo Day procedures is disseminated to coaches and parents.

Trophy Day. Time commitment: 2-4 hours in early June. Help sort and organize team trophies, distribute to teams.

Equipment Management Time commitment: 3-4 hours in August, November, April, or June. Retrieve goals and other equipment from storage at the beginning of each season; return to storage at end of season; take inventory of equipment as needed.

Newsletter Time commitment: 3-5 hours in February or August. Assist in publication of regional newsletter - conduct interviews, write articles, edit copy.

Tournament Administration Time commitment: 3-5 hours in early June. Help prepare for tournament weekend; enter and track team information and game standings on tournament days.

Uniform Management Time Commitment: 8-10 hours during July/August. 3-4 hours/month during months of play. Requirements: Regular/consistent Internet access. The time to answer/address frequent requests from players/families.  Ability to create and maintain a spreadsheet representing the complete regional uniform order.