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What’s the Board doing?

Immediately after the last registration date, our Board begins the process of putting the teams together for the upcoming season.  Coaches and referees are recruited and trained.  If you are interested in coaching or refereeing, please click here for additional information.  Equipment is compiled and distributed at the roster handout meetings a week before the season begins.

Where can I find dates for Fall season?

Our calendar with all important events can be found here.

When do the coaches get their teams?

Coaches should expect to receive their team rosters around August 31st for Fall season.

When do the players get called?

Your player will not be placed on a team until payment for registration has been received.  If you have completed this step, then you should hear from a coach soon after March 9th.  If you have not completed payment, you will not hear from a coach.  Teams may begin practice on or after September 5th  Not all teams begin practice on this date; particularly the younger teams may start later.  The coaches will begin calling their players in September.  They will give you all the information you will need in regards to practice times and location. Each coach sets his/her own practice days, time and location. The practice fields are located throughout Lane County, though most of our games are held at Petersen Park on Saturday mornings.

When do game schedules come out?

Game schedules for spring season will be published by September 9th for fall season.  Schedules will be posted on this website and emailed to all coaches and parents of record of each player as soon as they are complete.

It’s after September 5 and my child has not been called. What do I do?

Please do not panic if you see teams practicing and your child has not been called. Not all teams begin practice at the same time. The very young teams, in particular, do not always begin practice then. Also some coaches may be out of town. If your child has not been called by March 25th (September 4 in fall), you may leave a message at 541-484-1149 and we will try to respond as quickly as possible, but please understand this is the busiest week of the season.

What else does my child need?

The registration fee includes registration, insurance, field fees paid to the schools, referee equipment and team field equipment (balls, flags, etc.).  In addition, you may need to obtain a uniform kit, shoes, shin guards, soccer ball (size depends on age) and a water bottle.  You can purchase this gear at our Gear Up! Sale here.  You can also purchase the uniform kit online here.  All players are required to wear the full LYSA uniform kit at all games.  If you have a full kit from prior seasons, you are welcome to wear this uniform again.  No partial uniforms with odd socks or shorts will be allowed. 

I ordered a uniform.  When will it arrive?

We normally process most orders within 2-3 days and then delivery via USPS normally takes 2-3 additional days.  When the order is fulfilled, you will receive an email with a tracking number.

How often are practices and games?

Practices are held once or twice a week (field and times to be determined by your child’s coach).  Games will be on Saturdays and an occasional evening game with the first game on September 16. Most games are at Petersen Park.  Game fields for some in the older divisions may be at Kelly M.S. and/or in Springfield at the 32nd Street Sports Fields and/or Creswell M.S.

Players withdrawing prior to the first game will be issued a refund less a $25 handling fee.  No refunds will be offered after the first game.  All requests for a refund must be submitted in writing via email or USPS. For detailed refund information, click here.

Late registration?

Late registration begins after our last registration on August 20 and is done on a fill-in basis only. You may register HERE.

Please Remember…

LYSA is a parent-based volunteer organization established to provide a positive experience for our children.  Go to the games. Learn the rules.  Above all, be tolerant of the children’s coaches and referees mistakes and weaknesses and cheer the successes of all. We depend 100% on volunteers.  Even if you know little or nothing about soccer, you can volunteer.  Please contact Joel here to discuss how you can volunteer.