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At the beginning of the season, many of the phone calls we receive start out with "I haven't heard from my son/daughter's coach . . . .or "My child's friend's team is already practicing, but we aren't . . ." I paid for my registration several months ago, but NOTHING is happening yet!"

Here are some things the Board of Directors would really appreciate you considering in answer to that question:

1) Please realize that not all LYSA teams start practicing at the same time or on the same day. There are many reasons for this. The rosters of players are given out to the coaches on different days according to the age groups. So, the roster for your younger player may be given out several days before his or her older sibling or cousin or friend. Accordingly, the younger player may hear from his or her coach first. In addition, not all coaches are able to come to the roster hand-out meetings and it can take us several more days to deliver the rosters to the particular coaches.

2) In addition, rosters are received by the coaches 2-3 weeks before the start of the season. Depending on the coach's plans (remember, the coaches are parents too!) they may not even be in town to start making phone calls to their team.

3) Finally, the coach may be having difficulty reaching you! Have you moved since your registration? Is your phone number the same? This is especially common when we have early registration during the end-of-season event prior to the current season. It may be five months from the point of sign up to when the coach is looking at the registration sheet to make that phone call and many changes are possible. If you know that your phone number or address or e-mail or any other piece of information has changed since your registration, PLEASE let us know! Every time our club sends out newsletters or group emails, we receive no less than 35 returned pieces due to invalid addresses. This may be why your coach hasn't called yet!

Even considering all of the above, if you still feel that your child has been overlooked, please email the Registrar with your question(s).  Please do not expect an immediate response.  This is the most busy part of the season for the Registrar. You should expect a response within three to four days.

Thank you for your patience as we get the season up and running!