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It is LYSA’s assumption that parents will best make decisions that are suitable for their individual child.  The following information is provided to parents only as a partial guide in their decision making process whether the conditions are appropriate for their child to participate in any given activity.   

LYSA watches air quality throughout Lane County looking at an assortment of monitors to determine if play is safe.  The various monitors throughout the county can vary significantly depending on wind currents. South Eugene may have a reading of 200 and west Eugene may have a reading under 100 at the same time.

Generally speaking, a monitor reading below 100 is of little concern for typical, healthy children.  A monitor reading between 100 and 150 will generate a warning to coaches allowing them to determine locally if they should proceed with any activity out of doors.  Any reading exceeding 150 will cause the league to cancel any activities out of doors in that area.  

Since the AQI can vary hour to hour, on days of concern, we will wait until 2:00 pm to issue any warnings on weekdays and 7:00 am on Saturdays.  We have seen days when the morning AQI exceeds 150 and by practice time in the evening, the AQI has dropped to a safe zone.

The AQI shown at the top of this page, is Lane Regional Air Protection Agency’s monitor in real-time in downtown Eugene and is provided for general reference.  We track several monitors around the county provided by to make our recommendations.