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Return to Play During Covid virus Update Monday, April 19th.

The following are general guidelines to be used for Spring 2021 season to accommodate play while maintaining player safety during the Covid virus pandemic.  These guidelines may be (and probably will be) updated during the season to remain in step with Oregon Health Administration’s recommendations.   When changes are made, parents, coaches and referees will be notified.

1. Games will be scheduled with longer breaks between to allow teams to clear the fields before others arrive.  Coaches will be asked to schedule minimal pre-game warm-ups.  Teams and supporters will be asked to depart the premises immediately upon completion of a game.

2. Coaches will be encouraged to emphasize games and activities that focus on individual skill development rather than running scrimmages (this is actually our standard training model) which will allow greater distancing of players and reduce contact.

3. Coaches, referees and players are required to wear face masks during training sessions and games.

A.  A mask, face shield or face covering is required for players while participating in sports outdoors when six (6) feet of physical distancing cannot be maintained while practicing and/or running drills. In the normal course of a game, maintaining a six foot distance at all times is unlikely, therefore a mask, face shield or face covering is required while playing in a game.  A mask, face shield or face covering is required for players and spectators while on the sidelines when six (6) feet of physical distance cannot be maintained.

B. Referees are required to wear masks while actively on the field of play.  They may temporarily remove masks in use of a whistle if the mask prohibits the use of a whistle.  Referees will try to remain six feet away from players.

C. Coaches should wear masks at all times.

4. Players will be required to provide their own water bottles (same as past seasons) and coaches will be asked to remind players not to share water bottles or any other personal gear.

5. Pinnies and keeper jerseys/gloves should not be shared and should be washed after each practice or game.

6. Law 15 (throw ins) will be modified accordingly:

A. No hands will be allowed.

B. The restart will require the team awarded the “throw-in” to kick the ball in from the point at which the ball left the field of play.

C. All opponents must give the kicker a minimum of 10 yards clearance (similar to free kicks awarded for a penalty).  Teammates may stand closer.  

D. Once the ball enters the field of play, any player may contact the ball.

7. Some things that will be very different for us because they are contrary to our fundamental philosophies are:

A. Parents will be asked to minimize family member attendance to practices and games.  

B. Spectators will be asked to wear face coverings at all games and practices when six feet of separation is not achievable.

C. During games, teams will be separated on one side of the field in two designated technical areas and spectators will be asked to observe the game from the opposite side of the field while maintaining social distancing.  All game fields have painted technical area boxes and spectator lines.  Please observe these demarcations.

I. A small exception will be allowed for U6 games.  Teams will still have separate technical areas.  Parents will be allowed on the same side of the field, but separated behind by six feet.  

D. Cheer tunnels, after game hand-shakes and team parties will not be allowed.

E. Handshakes or contact during substitutions will not be allowed.

F. Substituting players may move directly between technical area and the field of play.  Players will not be required to enter/exit the field of play at mid-field.

G. Celebrations during games should not contain any physical contact.