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Coronavirus Update   Monday, June 15th.

Fall 2020 Season

Registration for fall season is currently underway.  We are planning to have as “normal” of a season as we can.  The Board of Directors are closely following the dynamic recommendations set out by the Oregon Health Authority and the Governor.  Parents, coaches and referees will be informed of practice and game formats as we get closer to the season opening.  You can register online here.

Spring 2020 Season (canceled)

To update everyone on the spring soccer season, the Board of Directors has decided to cancel the season. We intentionally waited to make a final decision as we had hoped to ultimately run the season even if it meant running into summer.  When the quarantine mandate was issued in early March, we were fully engaged in the process of launching the season as teams had been formed and we were meeting with coaches to distribute gear. Many teams had their first practices scheduled and the season was effectively underway.

As most of you know, LYSA is run with all volunteer coaches and administrators.  No one receives monetary payment for any of their hard work.  Most donate their time for the love of the sport and the joy received from working with all of our wonderful children.  As a result, we remain one of the least expensive youth sports clubs in Lane County.  We receive no funding from the school districts or any governmental agency. We are fully supported through players’ registration fees and run a tight financial ship with very little cash reserves or “slush funds”.  We realize most of our expenses before the start of any season – insurance, advertising, field fees, field gear, scholarships, uniforms, etc.  Most of the money received through registration fees is often spent prior to the first ball being kicked; whether it gets kicked, or not.  

Keeping this in mind, the Board is offering three options with regard to spring season:

1. Donate:  Make your registration fee a tax deductible donation.  LYSA is registered with the IRS as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit.  So any financial donations are fully tax deductible.  If you choose this option, you do not need to do anything.  If we do not hear back from you, we will assume you wish to join others in making your registration a donation.  Thank you very much to all of you who have already chosen this option.

2. Request an account credit:  Send an email with your name requesting an account credit and we will credit your account for the full amount you paid for spring season.  When you register in future seasons, you may use the credit to pay for that season’s registration of any player. Please email: to request an account credit.

3. Request a refund:  Send an email with your name requesting a refund.  If you choose this option, please understand that our funds are limited and we will refund your registration as soon as money is available.  If many people request refunds, it may be 2-3 months before you receive your refund.  Thank you for your patience.  Please email: to request a refund.

Our players are very important to us, we apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.  We appreciate your patience and your continued support of LYSA.   We look forward to seeing you and all of the soccer community in the fall season.  Fall season registration is currently underway.  You may register here.

Thank you,

Joel Andersen